Les Cuistots Migrateurs

Refugees chefs

Since 2016, Cuistots Migrateurs have carried off the extraordinary feat of employing people from a refugee background to give them the opportunity to share their cooking skills, and allow you to travel through good food. Convinced that a more inclusive and cosmopolitan world is possible, they seek to bring men and women together through world cuisine.

The logo has been redesigned and simplified into a round shape for ease of use across touchpoints, especially on social media. The optimistic and cheerful personality of the brand is conveyed by a vibrant color palette and a close tonality. Inspired by the cooks’ ethnic origins, a collection of original shapes brings great rythm to the visual identity and is brought to life in the pop-up restaurant, located Bd Voltaire in Paris. The cooking birds illustrations are inviting people to take part in the project in a playful way. The brand’s ambassadors – our cooks – are spotlighted in their kitchen.

Illustation : Auraline Mary

Photography : Guillaume Czerw